A Great Response

A week ago today, we were wondering: If the fifth largest snowfall in Minnesota history were to land on Eden Prairie, what would happen and how would we handle it? We now know the answer to this question! We would step up to the plate and do our very best to handle it well.

I say “we” because it took a lot of dedicated people to bring our City through the events of last weekend. The efforts of our snow plow drivers were likely the most noticeable – they were out plowing while most of us were sleeping, then they were given some time to rest before they were required to head back out and continue the cleanup effort. I think it is also safe to say that the members of our Police Department were called upon to go above and beyond– not only did they have to use some of their best “white knuckle” driving skills, but they were required to provide assistance under some pretty extreme conditions. Also, the members of our Fire Department were called upon to put in an extra effort – in order to ensure a fast response time, all four of our fire stations were staffed throughout the weekend.

We did close the Community Center early on Saturday, but the hockey tournament played on – thanks to the members of the Facilities Division who staffed the building and maintained the ice. And, as you can imagine, all of this created a busy weekend for our Communications Division staff– they did an excellent job getting the word out to the media and keeping the public informed. Finally, there were numerous “behind the scenes” staff members who stepped up to make sure that daily operations and the follow-up to this historic event ran as smoothly as possible.

For all of this, I would like to say thank you, both to City staff, but also for the patience and understanding residents showed as we dealt with this challenge.

Here are some e-mail messages we received and a few comments that appeared on the City Facebook Page:


Good Morning, I was out driving on early Saturday morning for an insurance exam I had to take at 7500 Flying Cloud Drive in EP.  I got stuck making the right turn from Shady Oak Road to Flying Cloud Drive.   I was assisted by Pete from your city who was driving a plow truck.  He really helped me out and kept me safe and helped me to get on my way and I truly appreciate his service.  You should be very happy to have such a dedicated person working for you!!! Thank You – Angie

Just wanted to say thank you for clearing the streets so quickly following the weekend storm.  Awesome job! – Allison

I just wanted to say thank you to the snowplow crews who worked through the night and kept the roads clear in such difficult conditions this weekend. I was impressed that our street was snowplowed at least 5 times during and after the storm. Please pass along my gratitude to all the great city workers we have here in EP! – Kelly

Facebook Comments

Sheila – Thank you Eden Prairie for all your hard work removing the snow from our roads. We really do live in the best city in America!!  Monday at 10 a.m.

Sarah – THANK YOU and GREAT JOB to the exhausted plow crews in EP. We appreciate your hard work and dedication. Sunday at 10 a.m.

Aaron – Some great work is being done out there today by the City of Eden Prairie snow plow operators. Very impressed by the efficiency in opening the main routes and even getting to the side streets so promptly. Stay safe and thank you! Saturday at 8:14 a.m.

Sometimes it’s the big and high profile events that showcase the quality of staff who work for the City of Eden Prairie. The reality is we do many great things at a very high standard every single day. I would challenge Mother Nature to “bring it on,” but I think we’re pretty good for awhile.

Jay Lotthammer
Interim City Manager