The Eden Prairie Facebook Community

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of community is: A unified body of individuals. But in Eden Prairie, community means so much more.

Two years ago, my colleagues and I set out to create an official Facebook page for the City of Eden Prairie. At the time, we saw it as an exciting new opportunity for two-way communication with the public – but more importantly, we saw it as a platform for building a unique online community.

Since then, the City Facebook page has become a place where nearly 2,500 people have gathered to share thoughts, information and opinions. It has become a place to celebrate, a place to express concern, a place to commiserate and a place to network. And now, the Police Department has joined in as well.

Recently, after an overnight house fire, the Eden Prairie Facebook page became an important place to honor the heroic actions of an Eden Prairie resident!

When we reposted a comment from one community member…

Dozens of others responded…

And with that, the Eden Prairie Facebook page became the Eden Prairie Facebook community…and so much more.

We look forward to continuing the conversation!

Katie Beal
Senior Communications Coordinator