Who Wants to Be the City Manager?

Today is City Manager Rick Getschow’s first day on the job in Eden Prairie.

Typically the first day of any job is filled with learning about benefits, meeting new people and figuring out how to get around so you can find your office on day two. There really isn’t any “work” to do and nobody expects much from you. Rick’s first day included all of the above, but we didn’t let him off that easy!

This afternoon, City employees welcomed Rick at an event where he was subjected to a game of “Who Wants to Be the City Manager?” Yes, that’s right, we put him on the spot on his very first day, and even Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens was in attendance – no pressure!

Our host was Public Works Director Gene Dietz who quizzed Rick about 15 Eden Prairie facts. For each correct answer, he received everything from Eden Prairie pens and magnets to a set of coasters and a few coffee mugs – all items he will need to effectively promote his new city.

In the end, Rick successfully answered all 15 questions – with a little help from his lifelines in the audience – and earned the grand prize, his personal key to the city manager’s office.

Gene did a great job as our host, and I think all the employees who attended had a lot of laughs and got a great glimpse into our new city manager’s personality.

Congratulations, Rick, welcome to Eden Prairie!

Joyce Lorenz
Communications Manager