The Internship of a Lifetime

This past August, I began an internship in city government, under the guidance of (the now former) City Manager Scott Neal. As a recent graduate from Winona State University and an Eden Prairie High School graduate (class of 2006), this was the internship of a lifetime for me.

Now, with my internship about to expire, I have started to reminisce about the awesome experiences I’ve had working for the #1 Best Place to Live in America. I have also realized that I chose the perfect time of year to do this internship, because there’s a lot going on in city government during an election and there’s a tremendous amount of work put forth by City staff during the biennial budget process.

Employees have asked me what I want to do after graduate school, and I tell them I know I want to be a city manager!

My first major step in the right direction was this internship with the City of Eden Prairie. My second step will be obtaining a master’s degree in public administration. As time passes, I will remember how great all of the employees were to me here. All were warm and welcoming and eager to educate me, and they allowed me to participate in their meetings and contribute to their various projects. My only hope is that when I graduate from Iowa State University, as a young gun 24-year old looking for his first job as city manager, that the employees I work with will be as great as they are here in this city.

Thanks for the experience Eden Prairie!

Jeffrey Fletcher
City Manager Intern

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  1. Gregg Fletcher
    Posted November 22, 2010 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

    Great insights on your internship experience. You will make a great city manager some day!