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Community Forums on Recycling

Hennepin County is in the process of transforming solid waste management!  Recent changes in technology along with a growing interest in organics composting have provided a good opportunity for the county to review their current solid waste management options.  This discussion will likely include the development of significant new goals for increasing recycling and composting.  [...]

A New Interchange

The Highway 169/I-494 interchange project is set to begin any day.  Mn/DOT recently awarded the C.S. McCrossan/Edward Kraemer & Sons Design-Build team this $125 million dollar interchange project.  Once the final contracts for the project are executed, work on the project will begin.  We will be learning a lot more about the project schedule in [...]

Pipes and Public Health

It’s 9 p.m. The kids are in bed. There are new batteries in the smoke alarms and the dog is asleep at your feet. You’ve put a lot into making your home safe and secure. But just how safe are you? Do your kids know what to do in a fire? Are your valuables protected [...]