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City Employees Honored

The annual “Spring Employee Recognition Event” was held at City Center today. Each year, the Internal Employee Events Committee – on which I serve – coordinates this event. I think I can speak for all employees when I say that we all look forward to attending, not only because the event honors fellow employees for [...]

When It Snows

When it snows, Eden Prairie street maintenance crews clear 230  miles of City streets and over 100 miles of sidewalks and trails. In a typical winter, we are often asked the following questions by residents: Who handles snow removal on the sidewalk or trail by my house? The answer to that question is: City ordinance [...]

New City Staff Blog

Last week city employees said farewell to our Friendly City Manager Scott Neal. Scott’s departure also puts an end to his long-running blog in Eden Prairie. Scott was a pioneer in this communication medium for government officials at the time of his blog launch in 2003. It was Scott’s foresight and vision – for what we [...]