Brush Fires

There are a lot of nature areas nestled into Eden Prairie neighborhoods, which is part of what makes it such a great place to live.

Nature areas also bring the possibility of brush and wildland fires, which people usually equate with more wooded or rural areas. Though we aren’t generally at risk for the catastrophic destruction that wildfires can bring, with the dry vegetation and gusting winds, brush fires in our nature areas have the potential to spread quickly.

Yesterday, the Fire Department responded to two separate brush fires, one at the boat launch area near Staring Lake and the other near Edenvale Park. The fire near the wooded area of the boat launch was caused by a discarded cigarette, which ignited the dry vegetation and spread quickly. The fire near Edenvale Park was caused by a recreational fire on private property that was left unattended. Both fires were discovered right away and the Fire Department was able to quickly extinguish them.

Protect your family and your neighborhood. Make sure you understand and abide by Eden Prairie’s recreational fire guidelines. If you are a smoker, please extinguish your smoking materials properly.

For more information on brush and wildland fires, visit the National Fire Protection Association website.

Close Your Door!

Because of the increased use of synthetic materials in furniture and construction, fire is spreading faster. So you should take every precaution you can to protect your family from the heat and smoke produced by a fast-moving fire.

A simple habit that could save your life in a fire is to sleep with your bedroom doors closed. A closed door limits oxygen flow, which may help prevent a fire from growing.

These pictures were taken by the Franklin Fire Company in Pennsylvania and illustrate the fire damage caused on one side of a bedroom door, with the other side of the door practically unscathed. A closed bedroom door provides a layer of protection between you and a fire, which is especially important at night when family members may be vulnerable, disoriented with little time to react.

Learn more about the benefits of closing your door and join the Closed Door Crew pledge at

Be safe and close your door!

Don’t Add Water to a Grease Fire

Yesterday the Eden Prairie Fire Department responded to a cooking fire at an Extended Stay America hotel in Eden Prairie.

The occupant was making popcorn and a fire started when the oil became too hot on the stove. The small grease fire would have likely been contained by putting a lid on the pan. Instead, the occupant moved the pan to the sink and added water, which accelerated the fire. Fortunately, the occupant didn’t suffer any injuries.

As you may know, water and oil don’t mix. When you add water to hot oil, it causes the oil to sputter. When you add water to burning oil, the oil separates and creates a fire ball. This picture shows damage above the sink in the hotel room caused by a fire ball.

If you are cooking with grease or oil, please have a lid close by. And if you have a grease fire, put a lid over the fire and smother it. Do not add water!

To see what it looks like when water is added to a grease fire, check out this video demonstration conducted by the St. Paul Fire Department.

Eden Prairie Fire Celebrates 50 Years

The Eden Prairie Fire Department is celebrating 50 years of neighbors serving neighbors throughout 2017.

Prior to 1967, fire services in Eden Prairie were provided by the nearby communities of Hopkins, Excelsior and Shakopee. The Fire Department continues to work alongside neighboring communities in training and emergency events to this day.

Eden Prairie’s Fire Department was founded with 20 charter members and a 1,000-gallon tanker pumper donated by the Eden Prairie Lions Club. Today, the Fire Department employs nine full-time and 95 part-time firefighters who all reside in or near Eden Prairie.

It has always been important to have a neighbors-serving-neighbors approach. This is our community, we enjoy its amenities, our kids attend schools here and we’re helping our community one call at a time.

Learn more about our 50th celebration in the Eden Prairie News and stay tuned for 50th-anniversary celebration events over the next several months.

Interesting Rescue

When you have an emergency, you call 9-1-1; everyone knows that. But, what do you do when your child gets her legs stuck in a small metal container?

A few weeks ago, the Eden Prairie Fire Department responded to find a small child whose legs were trapped in a metal pot she had been playing with. The responding crew kept the child calm and carefully cut away the container in a manner that didn’t cause injury.

The Fire Department trains for many different types of emergencies, but this situation was a first, and definitely worthy of a 9-1-1 call.