Proposed Fireworks bill

Full legalization of fireworks (H.F. 1774) is in play this session. Whether or not you believe in allowing all available fireworks to be sold and used in Minnesota, there is a significant problem with the bill in terms of allowing any control at the local level. What this means is that cities in Minnesota would not be able to limit the use of fireworks by time of day, proximity to special properties like nursing homes, gas stations, day care facilities or public lands, to name just a few examples. I think there is a good chance that some sort of fireworks bill will pass, but it needs to contain language that allows folks at the local level to determine some rules about use in their own city. One last thing, this bill as currently written would allow for fireworks to be used 365 days of the year and 24 hours per day….

If you are concerned about this bill as currently written please contact your local legislator, both in the house and in the senate. A link to find your local legislator is below. It is important when contacting your legislator, or anybody else for that matter, to be factual and respectful. While you may disagree with them on this issue there will be other issues where they are in step with your opinions and burning bridges over any particular issue is never a good idea, in my opinion. The link is: