Great Fire Service Coverage This Week

KARE11 reporter Boyd Huppert will be doing a feature on two issues at the forefront of Fire Safety in Minnesota today.

First, on Monday, April 30 at their 10p show will be a report on kitchen fire safety – the leading cause of building fires in Minnesota and the cause of 3 of the 5 fatal fires in Saint Paul last year. Saint Paul Fire Investigator Jamie Novak did a kitchen fire safety demonstration in the kitchen of a house to be burned for fire training. Few people get how fast fire spreads, after watching this, there won’t be any doubt…

The next night, Tuesday, May 1 at 10p will be a timely report on the need for residential fire sprinklers in new dwellings. The Saint Paul Fire Department built two identical rooms and burned them – one sprinkled and one un-sprinkled. Be sure to watch, and behold the magic of fire sprinklers!