Another Fabulous Wine Event!

wine event 2014 004Last night we held our Annual Spring Wine Event in the Garden Room.  These events are always so much fun and a great opportunity for our customers to learn more about wine from our vendors.  We had 19 vendors donate their time and help educate our customers. It was a great time – thanks to all who joined us!

If you’re interested in joining our Wine Club or would like information on future tastings and events, please ask someone at the liquor stores – or click here to subscribe and receive liquor store email updates.

Hope to see you at our next event!

Spring Wine Tasting 2009 - Tana Wold






Tana Wold, Purchasing and Event Manager

Dreaming of Marvelous Margaritas

images1It is officially SPRING!!

I was chatting with Ryan Pekarna from Store #1 (next to Kowalski’s) the other day and he was so excited for the start of margarita season.

Ryan is a master margarita man and here’s a list of his go-to tequila preferences: El Mayor Blanco 750 mL ($24.99); Reposado 750 mL ($27.99); and Anejo 750 mL ($28.99).

Ryan’s bargain tequila includes Sauza Lime Shot, Plata, and Reposado 750 mL ($22.99).  Interesting note: Sauza will mill and steep their agaves before cooking the juices, resulting in a crisp flavor and a refreshing margarita.

Spring Wine Tasting 2009 - Tana Wold

Tana Wold, Purchasing and Event Manager

Eden Prairie Spring Wine Event

11x17_wine_v1Spring is fast approaching and that means the Eden Prairie Spring Wine Event is coming up soon.

This year’s event will feature over 20 vendors pouring a wide variety of wines!

The event will be held on Thursday April 10, 2014 from 6-8:30 p.m. in the City Center Garden Room (8080 Mitchell Road).  Appetizers will be served.

Tickets are $20 and are sold at any of the three Eden Prairie Liquor Stores.  Tickets will be sold at the door if there are extra tickets available.

Come, bring your friends and enjoy a night filled with fun and wine!

Spring Wine Tasting 2009 - Tana Wold

Tana Wold, Purchasing and Events Manager

Norseman Vodka is a Local Gem

norseman_vodkaThe craft spirits craze that has been sweeping the nation is coming here, and fast. Eden Prairie Liquor is one of the first to carry Norseman Vodka ($23.99). 

The Norseman Distillery is located in Northeast Minneapolis. The distillery is currently making vodka, gin, whiskey and rum. The only one available in retail stores right now is their delicious vodka. Their vodka is made with the finest local grains, malted less than 40 miles from the distillery. The grains are then fermented in a bath of pure Lake Itasca water. So clean and smooth this local gem puts the imports to shame!

Visit any Eden Prairie Liquor Store and pick up a bottle today.

Spring Wine Tasting 2009 - Tana Wold

Tana Wold, Purchasing and Events Manager

Captain Morgan White Rum Has Arrived!


I was talking with Eric Wahlund, Store Manager at our location near Cub Foods the other day and he was raving about the Captain Morgan White Rum.  Eric strongly recommends trying the Captain Morgan White if you are a rum fan, here’s why…

Captain Morgan has rolled out their answer to Bacardi Superior and they have hit it hard!  They have been doing extensive TV, print and online advertising as well as this past weekend, we had tastings at all three of our locations and the customers really took a shine to it!

This is an 80 proof white rum that has been aged in white oak barrels for over a year.  This rum is distilled 5 times, making it very smooth, with a clean, crisp finish.  The flavor notes on it consist of fruit and green apple, sugar and melon with a slight nutty aroma and finish.

Captain Morgan recommends enjoying this on the rocks, with cola, with lemon-lime soda or in any of your favorite Caribbean-style cocktails.  You can find this product at all three of our locations and we have it in two sizes, a liter which sells at $17.99 and a 1.75 liter which sells at $24.99.  Also, they are running a mail-in rebate special of $10.00 off when you buy two, liters or 1.75’s, expires on April 30th.


Spring Wine Tasting 2009 - Tana Wold

Tana Wold,  Purchasing and Events Manager