Fall is Here!

Chocolate Chili Martini

Fall is here and it is my FAVORITE season of the year!  Not only are the clothes amazing, but I love the fun, fall cocktails my husband and I drink to warm up by the bonfire!  So I decided to list a few of my favorite items that are new to the market this year that will be filling our mugs.

I love hot and spicy so I was super psyched when I was pitched Dekuyper Chocolate Chili Liqueur. A little sweet, a little heat….yummy!  They also make a new Dekuyper Chocolate Mint Liqueur and a Chocolate Cherry Liqueur under this new line of “Crave” liqueurs.  I plan to buy one of those two for book club since the other girls think ketchup is hot.  Watch the calendar on our website for upcoming tastings.

My husband, Victor loves Egg Nog so tonight I plan to surprise him with Evan Williams Peppermint Chocolate Egg Nog.  I was excited to find an apple crisp recipe that uses Evan Williams Bourbon on their website as my Honey Crisp apple tree really flourished this year.

Kahlua came out with a new Kahlua Gingerbread and it is really tasty!  I think it will be really good on ice cream!  I used to have a cheesecake recipe that uses Kahlua and I wonder what Kahlua Gingerbread would add to it. 

Most nights we drink red wine or beer, but I think it is really fun to try new liqueurs when guests come over and there’s a change in the weather and I suspect these will be a really big hit for the holidays!


  Tammy Wanchena, Store Manager


Beer is Good

Beer, it is the third most popular drink consumed after water and tea in the world. And why not, it’s delicious. When beer is produced it’s called brewing. There are 4 main ingredients to brewing beer, water (main body), hops (a flavoring agent), malt or grain (source of starch and fermentation material), and yeast (responsible for fermentation and the production of alcohol). Of course other ingredients are added such as honey, fruits or herbs to help change the flavor of beer.

Some speculate that beer was first brewed 10,000 years ago. I bet that might be some bad beer today.

There are many varieties of beer but 5 types are the most popular:

Pale Ale: Uses top-fermenting yeast and is the world’s most popular style of beer. This style brings the hops forward

Stout and Porter: Made using roasted malt and barley, and slow fermenting yeast. This style of beer is very dark and full bodied

Wheat: Uses large amounts of wheat and are sometimes not filtered leaving a cloudy look to the product

Lager: A cool fermentation, this process creates a very mild and clean brew
Pilsner: A type of Pale and Lager, it’s the lightest style of beer and most light beers (Miller Lite, Coors Light) are made using this variety

Now beer can be very complex with unique yeasts, brewing temperatures, alcohol percentages, ingredients, and many other processes that go into producing this magical elixir. But beer can be very simple as well. As simple as what do you like in a beer.

Do you like your beer hoppy, light, dark, fruity, ice cold, or whatever?

Why not find out Thursday October 25th. Eden Prairie Liquor is hosting a “Fall Harvest Beer Tasting Event” where there will be over 35 different beers to sample and tickets are only $10 a piece. You can judge for yourself what style of beer tastes best to you. Tickets are available at all 3 Eden Prairie Liquor stores. But I wouldn’t delay to long because entry is limited to the first 200 individuals to purchase a ticket. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that brats will be served and are included as part of the ticket price.

I know that we beer drinkers are a generous group so we are asking that each participant bring a non perishable food item that will be donated to Eden Prairie PROP (People Reaching Out to People) a volunteer driven agency. For a list of current needs, visit propfood.org.



Mitch Dean, Assistant Liquor Store Operations Manager

Vino Classico Uncorked 2012

Vino Classico Uncorked was another fabulous event put on by the Eden Prairie AM Rotary Club! Check out the photos of the event posted on the Rotary Facebook page.

As an employee of Eden Prairie Liquor, I have the opportunity to  attend  the event. At any rate, it is always a fun and enjoyable opportunity to meet with customers and residents from Eden Prairie.

My favorite part of the event is obviously sampling the great wine selections along with the dedicated food establishments that donate their time and yummy goodness! Some highlights from the event were a few wines that were the talk of the night.  The wines I heard most people discussing/coming back for were as follows: Runquist 1448 Red Blend, Anne Amie Cuvee A Amarita White, Fetzer Crimson and Schramsberg Cremant.

All of these wines are a great choice for family gatherings, hostess gifts  or just enjoying with your daily meals. Send a reminder to yourself to find out October 2013 when the next event will be held. If you can’t wait that long, our annual Spring Wine Event will be coming up, and there’s always our regualarly-occurring Wine Club educational events held every few months.

See you there!

 Holly Smith, Liquor Store Manager

A Toast in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There are few people who haven’t been touched by breast cancer in some way.  Recently, Eden Prairie Liquor Assistant Manager Denise Barthel went through her own battle with breast cancer.  Denise is back at work now and preparing for her final surgery. 

During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month there are numerous wineries that are donating their support to this important cause.  Purple Cowboy, Middle Sister, Cline Cashmere, Sutter Home, Beringer White Zinfandel and White Merlot, and Fat Bastard are just a few of these generous wineries.

Please, stop in to pick up one of these great products to show your support for a worthy cause – and if you’re at the Prairie Center Drive location, say ”hello” to Denise!


 Tana Wold, Liquor Store Manager

Hello, Eden Prairie!

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Gretchen Holmgren and I recently started with the City of Eden Prairie as the Liquor Store Operations Manager. Though I am new to the liquor industry, I am not new to the retail world. I have been working for the past 20 years in both retail management positions, and in the financial industry.

Throughout my first few weeks on the job, I have been continuously impressed with the high caliber of this community and the loyalty to Eden Prairie Liquor as a municipal operation. In fact, on my first day I was told that Eden Prairie Liquor profits have contributed more than $11.5 million to projects such as playground equipment and road improvements over the past decade. That’s pretty impressive!

I am committed to upholding a high standard of customer service excellence at Eden Prairie Liquor and I am very excited to be part of this great community. If you stop by and see me at one of the stores, please introduce yourself – I look forward to meeting you!

Gretchen Holmgren, Operations Manager