Platinka Vodka is HOT!!!

plantinkaWith our current day variety on wines and spirits, vodka still retains a strong favorite; holding over half of all liquor sales nationwide.  So it is not surprising that new brands emerge every day.  Some of our best known vodkas are considered to be Russian or Polish spirits, but a little country in between those two nations is trying to make a name for itself through Platinka vodka.

Shortly before last year’s holiday season there were no vodkas available that were made in Belarus, when a local resident of our neighboring city of Shakopee, Sergei Gremeniuk, introduced his platinum filtered Platinka vodka that his company imports from Belarus. 

This is what Sergei told us about Platinka:

“I was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus until I moved to Minnesota in 2001.  Growing up in former USSR (and later, Belarus) we did not have a big variety of alcohol products, but always had access to great vodkas.  Naturally, my taste formed and gravitated towards vodkas; However, I always struggled to find an affordable (around $20) alternative to ultra-premium vodkas that would have great taste and can be enjoyed neat without breaking the bank. 

I still have a family in Belarus and visit them from time to time, and every time I went to visit them, the only things I would bring back with me were different vodkas.  After a while, I set on a course to change the situation.  The search took about one year, but at the end we struck a deal with one of the oldest and the best distilleries in Belarus.  They’ve been around for 115 years, used to produce Stoli for export, and know their craft like no one else.  We developed the samples and entered them into the most prestigious competition in the U.S., the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, where every year 33 elite judges evaluate over 1300 spirits using blind tasting. 

I knew we had great vodka, but when Platinka took the Best Vodka of the show along with the highest ranking of Double Gold medal, all our “theories” got validated and we started to import Platinka in the U.S. later in that year.”

Platinka is made with 100% rye that is distilled five times before it’s blended with the finest artesian water and filtered through a platinum filtration system.  This system takes away all extra impurities and makes Platinka a very clean, sippable vodka.  Platinka is the spirit of the month in September at our Eden Prairie Liquor Stores and is only $15.99 ($4.00 off) for a 750ml bottle.  We have Platinka tastings scheduled throughout the month at all three stores so come out to meet Sergei and taste this award-winning, Best Vodka of 2012.




Tammy Wanchena, Central Buyer

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  1. Sonja Anderson
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    I appreciated this information — I will be buying some of this vodka on my next stop. Thank you!