Crime Prevention Fund Scholarship Awarded

Lt. Bill Wyffels, Officer Chad Streiff, Explorer Gabrielle Knight, Eden Prairie Crime Prevention Fund President Lisa Toomey, Sgt. Brent DuPont

On Monday night the Eden Prairie Crime Prevention Fund awarded its first-ever scholarship to Eden Prairie High School senior Gabrielle Knight.

The newly created scholarship is targeted to students who have an academic emphasis or interest in coursework in the area of criminal justice, law enforcement and/or community crime prevention. The Crime Prevention Fund decided to create the scholarship program in honor of its 40th anniversary.

Gabrielle is a member of the Edina/Eden Prairie Police Explorer Post and is interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. Here is an excerpt from the award presentation:

Gabrielle has extensive knowledge of American Sign Language, often helping as an interpreter. She is an active volunteer in her church, loves gymnastics and has published poetry in the school magazine for the last 3 years. One highlight for Gabrielle was getting the chance to work security at the Super Bowl. She was part of Justin Timberlake’s security team for four days.

Her senior year, Gabby chose to take courses at Hennepin Technical College. One of her courses was in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice where she earned a 4.0. Gabrielle loves helping people. Her letters of recommendation mention her willingness to lend a hand in any situation and her strong work ethic. Gabrielle possesses all the attributes that will one day help make her an outstanding police officer.

In the fall, she will be attending Minnesota State University of Moorhead where she plans on studying criminal justice and American Sign Language interpreting with an emphasis in psychology.”

Congratulations Gabrielle!

Officer Streiff Scores a Hat Trick!

Bill Hames with the MN Office of Traffic Safety presenting the Hat Trick Award to Officer Chad Streiff

On his March 17 night shift, EPPD Officer Chad Streiff arrested three people for DWI. That qualified him to receive a hat trick award from the Office of Traffic Safety, which is a division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Officer Streiff received a special baseball cap and pin during a presentation at the EPPD May 9. This is the first hat trick award an EPPD officer has received since the program began.

On the night of March 17, Officer Streiff’s first arrest came at 9 p.m. when he pulled over a driver who was swerving and struck a lane divider several times. The driver had a preliminary blood alcohol content (BAC) above the legal limit and had two children in the car. He was subsequently arrested for 3rd Degree DWI, Child Endangerment and Careless Driving.

Officer Streiff’s second arrest came several hours later at 1 a.m. when he observed a speeding vehicle on Hwy. 62. The driver’s BAC was .16, which is twice the legal limit of .08. The driver was arrested for 3rd Degree DWI, Careless Driving and Speed.

The third arrest occurred at 2:30 a.m. when Officer Streiff was alerted by another officer that a speeding vehicle was headed his way on Hwy. 212. Using his radar equipment, Officer Streiff registered speed readings of 86, 85 and 84 mph in the 60-mph zone. Officer Streiff pulled the vehicle over and smelled alcohol on the driver. A preliminary breath test showed the driver’s BAC was .22, nearly three times the legal limit. He was arrested for 3rd Degree DWI, Careless Driving and Speed.

We are proud of the work Officer Streiff does to keep our roads safe and congratulate him on his first hat trick!

Cleaning Up Highway 5

Last Saturday members of the Eden Prairie Reserve Unit, along with family members and police officers, cleaned up a section of Hwy. 5 between Eden Prairie Road and Mitchell Road. They have done this every year since 1990, the year they adopted this stretch of highway. This year they collected 25 bags of trash along with several miscellaneous large pieces of trash.

According to MnDOT, Adopt a Highway volunteer groups spent an estimated 239,000 hours picking up 112,000 pounds of trash in 2017. Those efforts helped MnDOT realize an estimated $6-million benefit in 2017.

We would like to thank the Reserves for everything they do to keep our community safe and clean!

Garage Sale Season

With summer’s arrival, many of us are cleaning out closets and other spaces in our homes. Oftentimes that leads to thoughts of hosting a garage sale and perhaps making a few dollars.

Every spring and summer we receive phone calls from residents wanting to know if there are any city code regulations pertaining to garage sales. The regulations for garage sales in Eden Prairie are as follows:

Garage sales may occur only on properties zoned Rural, Single Family or Multi-Family, where a dwelling has been erected and occupied.

How Many
No more than four (4) garage sales can occur at a dwelling in a 12-month period.

How Long
No sale shall exceed a period of four (4) consecutive days.

Residents are allowed one (1) sign at the site of the sale and two (2) temporary offsite directional signs. Signs cannot exceed 6 square feet and should not be placed within any street right of way or upon any public easement. Signs can be placed one day prior to a sale and should be removed one day after a sale.

For more information, please see Eden Prairie City Code Chapter 11 [PDF].

Although we are not aware of any problems with counterfeit money being passed at garage sales in Eden Prairie, there have been reported incidents of fake money used at yard sales in other parts of the country. If you’re concerned about money you’ve received, check out the U.S. Currency Education Program for tips on how to spot counterfeit bills.

Submitted by Jim Schedin, Zoning Administrator

Car Seat Clinic May 12

Have you ever wondered if you installed your child’s car seat correctly? If so, you’re not alone. The Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety estimates that in Minnesota, three out of four child seats are used incorrectly.

If you’d like help with your child’s car seat, come to the EPPD’s Spring Car Seat Clinic Saturday, May 12 at Eden Prairie Fire Station #1 (14800 Scenic Heights Road) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

No appointments are needed for this free clinic our certified car seat technicians will check your car seats for proper installation on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be sure to bring your car seat, manual and child to the clinic.