Home Delivery

storkOn the morning of Saturday June 20, two EPPD officers were working patrol when a medical emergency was dispatched not far from where they were located.  Dispatch indicated that a woman who was nine months pregnant had gone into labor. The officers arrived about one minute later and found a woman in labor on the kitchen floor.

A few minutes later an ambulance arrived and the officers helped the woman inside. At that point, the baby decided it couldn’t wait. The officers assisted the paramedics in delivering the baby inside the ambulance while it was parked outside the woman’s residence. The mother delivered a healthy, full-term baby boy.

The two officers, with a combined 17 years at the department, had experienced some close calls but had never delivered a child before.  They relied on their training as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and their instincts as fathers to help them deliver the newest Eden Prairie resident. For their role in the baby’s birth, both officers received official EPPD stork pins.