Turtle Rescue

Spencer & turtleWhen Spencer Barrie started working as an EPPD Community Service Officer (CSO) last month, he probably anticipated helping officers with traffic direction, finding stray dogs and answering questions from residents at the EPPD’s front desk. He probably did not think he would need to rescue a huge turtle from the middle of Hwy. 212. But that is exactly what happened on the afternoon July 24.

An officer noticed the turtle attempting to travel across Hwy. 212 between Mitchell Road and Prairie Center Drive. He called for assistance and CSO Barrie arrived on the scene. He carefully picked up the turtle, put it in the back of his CSO truck and safely relocated the turtle. CSO Barrie estimates the turtle weighed approximately 30-40 pounds and was two feet in length.

We appreciate all that our CSOs do for our residents, both human and animal.