Chaplains & Chili

Chaplains Jim McCracken, Jac Perrin, John Brecount, Paul Nelson, Sharon Predovich, Peter Johnson, Dale DeMell. Not pictured: Jim Erickson, Nolana Holloway

Yesterday our volunteer Police and Fire Chaplains hosted chili meals for our staff throughout the day. It’s an opportunity for the Chaplains to spend time with EPPD employees in an informal setting, which they don’t often get a chance to do.

Each Chaplain is affiliated with a church in Eden Prairie. The nine pastors take turns serving on-call and are dispatched to scenes where first responders think the spiritual presence of a Chaplain would bring some comfort to those involved. The scenes range from missing person reports to death investigations to car crashes. In 2016 Chaplains were dispatched to incident scenes 22 times.

We appreciate our Chaplains for so many reasons. In addition to making delicious chili, they also selflessly give of their time to provide emotional and spiritual care to both community members and public safety responders. We are fortunate to have them as our partners in public service.