Rating the PD

Every other year the City of Eden Prairie hires an outside firm to conduct a community survey in which randomly selected households are asked to give their opinions on the quality of life in Eden Prairie. City leaders, including those in the police department, use the survey results as a tool to gauge how well we’re doing our jobs and what areas we need to work on. The most recent survey was conducted in late 2016 and the results have just been made available.

Here’s what we learned about how residents feel about safety and EPPD:

  • When rating potential problems in the community, traffic speeding was rated by 27% of respondents as being a “moderate,” “major” or “extreme” problem. Although ratings in 2016 were similar to 2014, traffic speeding ratings as a problem have generally declined over time.
  • Similar to 2014, almost all residents (95%) evaluated their overall feeling of safety as “excellent” or “good.”
  • Also similar to 2014, most residents reported feeling “very” or “somewhat” safe in their neighborhoods (95%), at the Eden Prairie Center mall (95%), in parks and open space (94%), on paths or walking trails (93%) and in retail parking lots (93%).
  • When asked to indicate whether or not residents had contact with the Police Department through 10 avenues, the highest percentage (18%) said they had contact through the Eden Prairie Night to Unite event. Slightly fewer (15%) reported contact through community programs. Contact with the Police Department remained stable between 2014 and 2016.
  • Those who reported having contact with the Police Department were asked to rate their interaction with them. About 93% of residents rated their contact as “excellent” or “good,” a rating which remained stable over time.

The City of Eden Prairie’s website has a complete report of the survey results.