Thank You Dispatchers!

Every day our Eden Prairie dispatchers serve as the first point of contact for people who need emergency services. They counsel frantic callers, coordinate resources to large incident scenes and provide immediate and comprehensive information to officers in the field. Their ability to multitask, effectively communicate and remain calm, sometimes under extreme pressure, is imperative to keeping both officers and residents safe.

During National Telecommunicators Week, we’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the 14 hard-working dispatchers who staff Eden Prairie’s 911 Dispatch Center 24/7/365. In Eden Prairie we have our own 911 Dispatch Center that handles all police, fire and ambulance calls in the city. In addition, our dispatchers manage non-emergency calls after regular business hours such as broken water mains, urgent road repairs and malfunctioning signal lights. In 2016, Dispatchers answered 50,744 non-emergency and 911 calls.

Dispatchers play a vital role in public safety. They work around the clock, oftentimes missing holidays, birthdays, family functions and school activities to ensure that emergency assistance is provided. We are fortunate to have a dedicated, professional group of dispatchers who help keep our community safe and we are happy to honor them this week.