EPPD Staff Earn St. Louis Park Commendation Awards

Last week two EPPD staff members received Commendation awards from the St. Louis Park Police Department for their assistance with two drug overdose deaths which led to murder charges.

The first case occurred in June 2016 when a woman died of an overdose after being brought to the hospital by a friend. After an extensive investigation by the St. Louis Park Police Department, with help from EPPD Analyst Ryan Kapaun and an EPPD detective who is currently undercover, the dealer who sold the woman the heroin was arrested and charged with 3rd Degree Murder.

The second case took place in January 2017. The medical examiner determined the victim died of a heroin/fentanyl drug overdose. The St. Louis Park Police Department conducted a four-month investigation, relying on the assistance and partnership of the EPPD undercover officer. Throughout the investigation Analyst Ryan Kapaun provided extensive information relevant to the case and the suspect. EPPD Detective Mark Gustad also assisted both investigations with his digital forensics expertise.

We are always happy to partner with other law enforcement agencies and appreciate St. Louis Park’s recognition of our staff in these cases.