Candy bars for seatbelts

Chief Jim DeMann thanks EPHS students for wearing their seatbelts

This morning EPPD officers visited Eden Prairie High School to hand out rewards, including candy bars and gift certificates for coffee and pop, to EPHS students they “caught” wearing their seatbelts on their way to school.

The officers handed out approximately 450 rewards and found only three students not wearing seatbelts. Those three students were not cited, but were encouraged to wear their seatbelts.

About 40 percent of all motorists killed in crashes aren’t belted, which translates into an average of 105 deaths and more than 200 serious injuries per year in Minnesota. Wearing your seatbelt will prevent you from crashing into the windshield, slamming into and injuring other passengers, and being ejected from the vehicle. As a reminder, Minnesota law requires that drivers and passengers in all seating positions must be buckled up.

The EPPD thanks the Eden Prairie Crime Prevention Fund for donating the rewards.