Animal Rescues

In the past week EPPD Community Service Officers (CSOs) experienced two unique animal rescues.

First, on Wednesday night CSO Spencer Barrie was dispatched to an area of Purgatory Creek where a 911-caller reported a blue heron caught in a net intended to keep carp out of the creek. The water was knee-high so CSO Barrie took off his boots and socks, rolled up his pants and waded into the creek. The heron was not initially cooperative and struggled with CSO Barrie who was eventually able to free it.

The second rescue occurred Sunday night when a woman who had just driven from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie called to say that she thought there was a cat stuck in her car’s engine compartment. CSO Lars Anderson responded to the call and spent the next hour working with the driver and her boyfriend to free the cat from the car. It took them an hour to pull apart the bumper and wheel well and eventually a kitten emerged. It did not belong to the owner of the car so CSO Anderson brought it to an animal shelter.