Coast Guard Congrats

EPPD Lt. Bill Wyffels, Edina Sgt. Kevin Rofidal and EPPD Lt. Dave Becker

Earlier this week, Eden Prairie Lieutenants Bill Wyffels and Dave Becker went to a promotion ceremony for their friend and police colleague Kevin Rofidal who is an Eden Prairie resident and serves as a police sergeant in Edina. They were there to support Sgt. Rofidal as he was promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard Reserves.

Sgt. Rofidal has been an Edina police officer for twenty years and has served as a Coast Guard Reserve for 17 years. As an Eden Prairie resident, he was a driving force behind the Veteran’s Memorial in Purgatory Creek Park which was erected in 2008.

On behalf of his police colleagues in Eden Prairie, we’d like to congratulate Sgt. Rofidal on his Coast Guard promotion.