Congratulations Bob!

Reserve Officer Bob Mjolsness (photo credit: Steve Lucas)

Last Sunday EPPD Reserve Officer Bob Mjolsness called out of service, exactly 40 years after his first day as a volunteer Reserve Officer. On hand to honor him for his last shift were several of his fellow Reserve Officers along with his daughter, who also served as a Reserve at one point during Bob’s service.

The Reserve program started in 1973 and Bob joined four years later. During his time with the EPPD, it is estimated that he volunteered more than 8,600 hours. Bob was one of the original members of the Reserve Unit Color Guard which has been responsible for raising and lowering the flags at 10 municipal buildings since 2005.

Bob also served as an instructor for the Hennepin County Reserves Traffic School and as a Field Training Officer for new Reserves. In that role, Bob not only taught rookie Reserves the nuts and bolts of the job, he also taught them about the history of the Reserve Unit, the department and the community, helping to instill pride in the new Reserve Officers.

He witnessed many changes in his 40 years, both within the community and in the department. He is the only Reserve Officer and one of only five people who have served under all six Eden Prairie Police chiefs.

Bob was exceptionally observant and had a keen eye for suspicious activity. His sustained dedication during the past 40 years has greatly benefitted the EPPD and the residents of Eden Prairie. We are grateful to Bob for his service and wish him all the best in the next chapter of his life.