Noncommercial Signs: Where (not) to Put Them

Although odd-year elections tend to be quieter than those taking place in even years, there are still indications that campaigns are occurring throughout the City. School board elections, referendums and other elections tend to contribute to the increase in signage within the community.

The City is often asked where noncommercial signs can be placed. Simply put, noncommercial signs can be placed on virtually any private property where permission has been obtained.

To ensure safety and visibility for motorists, and to prevent roadway maintenance activities from being impeded, noncommercial signs are prohibited in the following locations:

  • Government property (City parks, trails and walkways, county roads, state highways)
  • Street rights of way, these areas are typically the first 12- to 15-feet back from the roadway for City streets, and quite a bit more for county roads and state highways.
  • On other signposts such as street or directional signs
  • Trees
  • Utility poles/boxes
  • Bridges and overpasses
  • School property

Banners are prohibited in Eden Prairie by City ordinance. Visit to learn more.

If you see a sign you believe may be in violation, please contact the city’s zoning administrator at 952-949-6200.