Dog Rescue

As you may have seen on KARE11 this week, a 13-year-old blind dog named Buddy survived five nights in the frigid cold while trapped in a neighboring home’s window well in Eden Prairie. The homeowner noticed the dog on Monday afternoon and immediately contacted a neighbor who called the EPPD.

Community Service Officer April Ehmke arrived on the scene and crawled into the window well to pull the dog to safety. CSO Ehmke noticed that the dog was wearing an identification collar with Buddy’s name and a phone number. While attempting to reach the owners, CSO Ehmke brought Buddy to an emergency veterinarian to get checked out. After being released from the vet, Buddy and his owners were reunited at the Police Department.

The EPPD would like to use this story to stress the importance of making sure your dog is wearing current identification at all times. Without Buddy’s identification tag, it would have been much more difficult to find his owner.

The City requires that all dogs ages six months or older be licensed with the City. Licenses are issued for a two-year cycle, with the next cycle ending Dec. 31, 2018. Licenses purchased in 2018 are prorated and only cost $10. Those licenses still expire Dec. 31, 2018. Licenses can be purchased by mail or in person at City Center, 8080 Mitchell Road. Click here for a dog license application [PDF].

Dogs without a license or ID are transported to the animal shelter in Bloomington where impounding and boarding fees are charged. Last year the EPPD received 354 reports of dogs at large.

We are happy that Buddy is safely back at home and encourage all dog owners to license their dogs so we can help facilitate more happy endings.