I Got Caught!

Yesterday, EPPD officers greeted Eden Prairie High School students as they drove into the school’s parking lot to see if they were wearing seatbelts. Those who were received an “I Got Caught” card, good for one small beverage at McDonald’s courtesy of AAA and McDonald’s, or they received a full-size candy bar donated by the Eden Prairie Crime Prevention Fund.

Of all the student drivers and passengers the officers saw, only two were not wearing seatbelts. Those two were reminded by the officers of the importance of buckling up but were not issued citations.

In Minnesota, approximately 40% of all motorists killed in crashes aren’t belted which translates into an average of 105 deaths and more than 200 serious injuries each year. As a reminder, Minnesota law states that drivers and all passengers must be buckled, including those in the back seat. A seat belt violation can cost more than $100.

The officers were impressed with the high percentage of kids wearing seatbelts yesterday morning. Way to go EPHS students!