Laser Jammer

Last month an EPPD officer was checking speeds using a LIDAR (laser) near Dell Road and Magenta Bay, when he noticed a car that he visually estimated to be going approximately 45 mph in a 35-mph zone. However, when he pointed the laser at the car’s front license plate, the laser didn’t register a reading. The officer tried pointing the laser at another nearby car and it registered the car’s speed without a problem.

The officer pointed the laser at the speeding car’s rear license plate and again did not receive a reading. That’s when the officer determined that the speeding car must have a “laser jammer,” an illegal device affixed to a car that interferes with speed-measuring devices.

The officer drove up behind the car and noticed a strange plastic piece hanging above the rear license plate. The officer pulled over the driver who confirmed that it was indeed a laser jammer. The driver was then issued a citation for using the device.

The EPPD takes speed enforcement seriously for good reason. On average, each year speed contributes to 81 deaths and 211 serious injuries in Minnesota. Speed is a factor in 21 percent of all fatal crashes. People who speed put other drivers in danger. As long as there are speeders in Eden Prairie, our officers will be out diligently looking for them.