Snake Wrangler

Last Sunday EPPD Community Service Officer Grace Frischmon was dispatched to a home in Eden Prairie to help the homeowners with a large unwanted snake in their yard. While there, the approximately 4-foot-long snake slithered into a hole in the ground. CSO Frischmon asked the residents to call back if they noticed the snake again.

About an hour later CSO Frischmon was dispatched to the same home after the snake emerged from the hole. She and the homeowners managed to corner the snake, allowing CSO Frischmon to pick it up and put it in a crate before releasing it into a nearby wild area.

CSO Frischmon believes the snake was a bullsnake which is common in Minnesota. Bullsnakes are not dangerous and in fact, some people like having them around to aid with pest control as bullsnakes eat mice and other rodents.

If you are interested in keeping bullsnakes and other snakes OUT of your yard, the Minnesota DNR has some tips.