Slow Down!

The EPPD is participating in a statewide speed enforcement campaign July 6–22. Today our officers hosted a speed detail in Eden Prairie with officers from three other communities helping to catch speeders. The detail was just five hours long but officers issued 35 citations and 20 warnings.

From January through June 2018, Eden Prairie officers issued 3,027 traffic citations, along with 5,660 written warnings and 884 verbal warnings.

Driving the speed limit saves lives. According to the MN Office of Traffic Safety, 88 people were killed in Minnesota in speed-related crashes in 2017. Speed was a contributing factor in 22% of single-vehicle crashes and distracted driving was a factor in one of four crashes.

If you get caught speeding, a citation will typically cost more than $110 for traveling 10 mph over the speed limit. Fines double if you travel more than 20 mph over the limit and you can lose your license for six months if you get caught going 100 mph or more.

So, on behalf of the EPPD and our community, please slow down to help keep our roadways safe.