Aging and Driving

Recently we received a note from a woman whose elderly mother received a ticket from an EPPD officer this spring. The officer observed the woman run a red light and attempted to stop her. The woman did not realize the officer was trying to pull her over so she kept going.

The driver did eventually stop and the officer issued her a citation. The officer also submitted a request to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) for the woman to appear at DPS for a driver safety interview. In this case, the woman declined to go and received notification from DPS that her license had been cancelled as a result of failing to show up for the interview.

Had she decided to attend the interview, she may have been requested to conduct a written or road test, submit a vision report and/or submit a doctor’s statement verifying that she was physically qualified to drive. Drivers who do not pass these tests or submit the required reports can have their driver’s licenses cancelled.

In addition to law enforcement, family members can also reach out to DPS and request that a family member who they believe is at-risk attend a driver safety interview.

Elderly driver safety can be a sensitive and difficult subject to discuss with family members. There are several resources to help begin the conversation including info from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.