Extra Eyes on the Road

We always appreciate when citizens alert us to behavior they believe is suspicious. Having extra eyes on our neighborhoods and roads helps to keep our community safe.

Last month two citizens notified us of a dangerous driver on Highway 212, which led to his arrest. It started at 9:30 on a Wednesday morning when our Dispatch Center received a call from a motorist stating that a car on Highway 212 had bumped into the median twice and was swerving all over the highway. Two minutes later a second motorist called Dispatch regarding the same car and was able to provide Dispatch with a license plate number.

Officers responded and found the car in a median along Highway 212, resting against the center cable barrier. The driver said he was not hurt and was attempting to exit the car.

The driver agreed to a take a field sobriety test and the results led officers to believe the driver was impaired. He was arrested and charged with 3rd Degree DWI and Careless Driving.

The EPPD strongly encourages residents to serve as extra sets of eyes in our community. Don’t hesitate to call 911 if you notice something suspicious. Please provide dispatchers with as many details as possible — description, license plate number, location, etc. Your actions could help prevent a crime or save a life!