Opioid Impact Video

As part of the EPPD’s ongoing efforts to combat opioid addiction, the department has released a new video called “One Time is Too Many – The Impact of Opioid Addiction in Eden Prairie.” The video highlights the deaths of two young men from Eden Prairie who died from opioid overdoses: Andy Johnson and Andrew Princev.

Andy grew up in Eden Prairie and graduated from Holy Family High School. He was an athlete and avid outdoors-man. He sustained a shoulder injury in high school and subsequently endured three shoulder surgeries in 18 months. Andy became addicted to the post-surgery painkillers he was prescribed and eventually moved to heroin to feed his addiction. He died after a heroin overdose in his family’s home on June 10, 2013, at the age of 25.

Andrew was a 2014 graduate of Eden Prairie High School who played cello in the orchestra and loved animals. He started smoking pot and taking pills in high school before trying heroin. He died of an overdose in his family’s home on June 2, 2016, at the age of 20.

Both men left behind devastated families who were determined to tell their stories in hopes of preventing another family from experiencing their pain. The result is this video, which was generously funded by Grace Church.

The video will be made available to Eden Prairie High School and Central Middle School students through their health classes and school resource officers. It is also available on the City’s You Tube channel.