Officer Harrington Retires

Today is Officer Mike Harrington’s last day at the EPPD after a 29-year career. Officer Harrington began working for the EPPD in 1989 as an animal control officer and was hired as an officer six years later.

Throughout his career, Officer Harrington was known for his keen powers of observation and memory recall. While out on patrol, Officer Harrington could recall suspect information that was shared days or weeks before and use that information to make an arrest. Officer Harrington followed his instincts, which resulted in solving cases that otherwise seemed too difficult to crack.

One such example occurred in 2002 when Officer Harrington’s work helped a jury to convict a man on two counts of First Degree Aggravated Robbery. Two days after the robbery, Officer Harrington made a routine traffic stop and recognized the driver as someone potentially involved in the case. His subsequent follow-through resulted in the seizure of the suspect, the suspect’s gun and one of the victims’ cell phones. The Assistant County Attorney praised Officer Harrington’s work and stated, “We may not have had a case to prosecute if it had not been for Officer Harrington.”

Officer Harrington served on the Southwest Hennepin Drug Task Force from 2011 to 2013 and was an adult investigator in 2005. He was a meticulous detective who was patient and professional while investigating crimes. His attention to detail, tenacity and diligence helped solve many cases.

Officer Harrington also spent 11 years on the SWAT team where he was a sniper and eight years as a crime scene technician.

We congratulate Officer Harrington on his retirement and wish him all the best in the next chapter of his life.