Smash and Grab Crimes

Since September 1, Eden Prairie Police have responded to 23 reports of tampering with vehicles parked at restaurants, parks, day cares, schools and commercial parking lots. Thieves are smashing windows and taking items such as backpacks, laptops and purses.

These are often referred to as “crimes of opportunity” because thieves drive or walk through parking lots looking for cars containing visible items that may have value. If they see a bag, purse or backpack inside a car, they’ll smash the window and take it, without knowing what’s inside. Thieves would rather grab the bag and check the contents later. However, they tend to skip over cars where they can’t see anything.

With holiday shopping in full swing, the EPPD would like to remind residents to place all valuables and shopping bags in your trunk before driving to another shopping destination – not after you get there.

Thieves have been known to patrol parking lots looking for people who drop shopping bags in their cars and then return to do more shopping. If you’re tired of carrying shopping bags, consider making use of locker rentals available inside many large shopping venues.