Civilian Awards

At last night’s City Council meeting, three civilians received awards for their actions in saving lives in Eden Prairie.

Chief Greg Weber, Adam Frey, Casey Herrmann, Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens, Chief George Esbensen

Adam Frey and Casey Herrmann received a joint Commendation Award from the Police and Fire Departments for saving the life of a woman they pulled from the Minnesota River on the afternoon of August 20, 2018. The two men were working for the Minnesota Mosquito Control District in their boat when they noticed the woman floating in the river. After receiving no response when they yelled to her, the men noticed she was starting to go underwater. They reached into the water and pulled the woman into their boat where they kept her safe for close to 45 minutes until they met up with a rescue boat.

The award credited the men’s quick actions, compassion for the victim and ability to remain calm with saving her life.

Chief Weber and Patrick Kenyon

Former EPPD Officer Patrick Kenyon received a Letter of Recognition from the Police Department for his actions in saving the life of a woman who had collapsed in a grocery store on July 24, 2018. Prior to first responders arriving on the scene, Mr. Kenyon had defibrillated the woman three times using the store’s AED. Mr. Kenyon continued CPR with the first responders and by the time paramedics had placed the woman in an ambulance, she was breathing on her own. The woman has since made a full recovery.

The City of Eden Prairie is grateful for the actions of Mr. Frey, Mr. Herrmann and Mr. Kenyon and is proud to honor them with these awards.