Busy City Council Meeting

When we set the City Council meeting schedule for 2012 this past January we knew that there would only be only one regular Council meeting in November.  The first meeting in November was cancelled due to the general election on November 6.  Even though we had a special meeting to canvass the election results last Tuesday evening – last night was our only regular November meeting.  And it was a busy one. 

In 3 hours and 1 minute we did accomplish quite a bit.  Here is a sampling of items on the agenda and their outcome from last night.


  • Accepted a donation from the morning Eden Prairie Rotary Club (of which I am a member) for a sculpture to be placed at the entrance of our Community Center. This will further enhance our public art efforts.
  • Recognized city utilities division employee Andrew Sullivan (pictured) for his efforts in public education regarding (also see my blog from November 1, 2012) sewer and water utilities.
  • Approved moving forward with the reconstruction of Eden Prairie Road south of Pioneer Trail by ordering plans and specifications.  This item took the most time at the meeting because a large percentage of the project is being assessed to adjacent properties.  While the road work has the support of the Council and most residents, we will need to work out the details of the assessment policy.
  • Approved an improvement to Home Depot that includes an addition to their outdoor garden center along with a new truck rental area.  This item was continued from the last meeting because the Council had concerns with proper screening for the truck area. They also wanted to address resident concerns brought up at that earlier meeting regarding noise emanating from the business. Both of those issues were resolved.
  • Approved a project at the International School of Minnesota that includes the construction of new residence halls and a potential administration building.
  • Approved a conditional use permit and historical site designation for the “Green Acres Event Center” also known as the Schussler Barn or the Goodrich-Remus Barn.  Steve Schussler has proposed an exciting adaptive reuse for this historic barn as an event center.   
  • Issued $10,550,000 in bonds to fund the Shady Oak Road road improvements that are now underway. This is a result of the United Health Group (UHG) office project that is also underway.  UHG will be providing the vast majority of the funding for this improvement.
  • Approved comments to be forwarded to Hennepin County from our City regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that was recently issued for the upcoming Southwest Light Rail Transit project.

And those are just the highlights.  In addition, I failed to mention the 1 hour and 30 minute Council workshop that preceded the meeting.  We met jointly with our Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Commission to hear a presentation regarding an aquatics feasibility study that was recently completed for a possible pool improvements to our Communty Center.

Our next meeting in early December may not be as long – but it will be important as we plan to adopt our 2013 City Budget and a new ten-year Capital Improvements Plan.