Soaring Bird at the Community Center

Yesterday I attended the dedication ceremony for the newest addition of public art in Eden Prairie located at the Community Center


The “Soaring Bird: Peace Through Service” sculpture is a public art project that was commissioned as a partnership between our two Eden Prairie Rotary Clubs and the City. As a member of the AM Rotary Club, I was approached a little more than a year ago by our club president and a few other members asking how they could go about undertaking a community service project within the City. 

After talking with Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens and our Parks and Recreation Director Jay Lotthammer, the idea arose that a joint project could be an initiative to enhance our public art. The Council had just discussed in a goal setting session the need and desire for more public art in our community. This project would be a chance to do just that.

At that point, Jay, his staff and several members of the AM Rotary Club took the ball and ran with it. The effort included grant writing and fundraising with the help of the Eden Prairie Noon Rotary and the Edina Noon Rotary clubs. The result is an excellent work of art designed by Eden Prairie resident and sculptor Jim Gabbert. The plaque that accompanies the sculpture says it is a symbol of Rotary’s dedication to promote peace through service.

(L-R) Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens, Sculptor Jim Gabbert, Rotarian Cathy Haukedaul

(L-R) Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens, Sculptor Jim Gabbert, Rotarian Cathy Haukedaul

I am not sure where exactly the next public art location will be in Eden Prairie, but the Mayor hinted during the dedication ceremony that Staring Lake Park or Round Lake Park could be next in line. Stay tuned.