Planes,Trains & Automobiles (& Bikes and Buses)

There has been a lot of discussion lately about all the varied forms of transportation in Eden Prairie. Our City Council meeting this Tuesday really hit home with me how we are currently immersed with all these important modes of transportation.

I will quickly walk through each mode:


Within the past year we have had three plane crashes or incidents at Flying Cloud Airport. While it has been explained to us that these all involved unique circumstances with each plane and each pilot, you cannot help but ask if there is an issue or even a pattern. I realize that several years can go by without a single incident at our airport, but it cannot hurt to at least have a dialogue with the airport and the Commission that oversees it. Based on the discussion at our meeting, we will be doing exactly just that.


Trains (and Buses)

Southwest Light Rail Transit (SWLRT) is a big topic in Eden Prairie right now.  At the Tuesday meeting, our specific item of action dealt with the possible future coexistence of both light rail and our current bus system – Southwest Transit. We want to find a way to accomodate both the current express bus service and the future light rail service at Southwest Station on Technology Drive.  We also want Southwest Transit to be a viable and growing operation for many years to come in Chaska, Chanhassen and Eden Prairie with its superior service and independent branding. The resolution the Council passed on Tuesday evening supports those principles.


Cars will still be a major part of our lives for decades to come. Our discussion and actions on Tuesday regarding the improvement of Eden Prairie Road between Flying Cloud Drive and Pioneer Trail speaks to that. We not only need to repair and rebuild Eden Prairie Road, we need to make sure what we are doing with the entire road network in the southwest part of the City works for the all of the current and future residents of that area.

Skyline for Web

We also recently completed our City street maintenance for 2013. This year approximately 11 miles of our streets were overlaid with 23,000 tons of asphalt while another 18 miles of streets were seal coated. Finally, we placed 45,000 pounds of crack sealing material on our City streets to prolong their useful lives.   

Did I miss anything? Oh yes, we cannot forget about the bikers and the pedestrians. Last month we received a grant from Hennepin County for the development of a citywide pedestrian and bicycle master plan. Pedestrian and bicycle planning efforts are key components in any active living strategy – which is a goal in our City. The idea is that the master plan will provide a framework for investments in healthy community design that will result in increased rates of walking and bicycling.