The Administration Department

Our annual city-wide open house was held this past Saturday at the City Center.  We hold this event each year in early October.  Every event features the Police, Fire, and more recently- the Public Works Department.  Every other year, including this year, we open up all of our facilities on the City Center campus to feature all of our city departments.  In addition to the aforementioned Departments, we also have the Parks and Recreation, Community Development, and Administration Department that we feature at the open house during even-numbered years. Solar Voltaic Panels, wk of July 16 007 

As the City Manager here, I am also considered the head of the Administration Department. The divisions within this department, which I assume are very similar to private sector businesses, include:

  1. City Clerk;
  2. Communications;
  3. Facilities;
  4. Finance;
  5. Human Resources and Support Services; and
  6. Information Technology

These divisions provide support to the other four City Departments and keep the City ticking.  It’s an enjoyable (and many times easy) job for me because we have excellent division managers working with such great employees who understand their fields of expertise so well. 

For residents to better understand what our Administration Dept. does, we provided the following “fun facts” at our open house this past weekend: 

  • Our facilities staff operates and maintains 32 city-owned buildings and 3 leased facilities.
  • As part of our 20-40-15 Energy Initiative we have increased efficiency in city-owned buildings by 18% since 2005. This translates into annual energy savings of $250,000.
  • IT staff provides connectivity and support to 16 remote locations.
  • IT supports nearly 500 computers, 75 printers, 50 servers and more than 50 tablets.
  • The average employee tenure is 10 years, and the employee with the longest tenure is 42 years.
  • HR staffs 276 full-time and 500+ seasonal positions.
  • We receive up to 300 applications for each full-time opening.
  • Our information desk handles more than 45,000 contacts each year, or about one contact every three minutes.
  • Since 1956, our City Clerk’s office has processed or managed: 2,077 sets of meeting minutes, 1,834 city ordinances, and 9,335 Council resolutions.
  • The City of Eden Prairie Facebook page has more than 3,800 fans.
  • Our web site had more than 650,000 visits from more than 400,000 visitors last year.
  • Our CITY NEWS e-mail/text service has nearly 16,000 subscribers who received information on 63 topics.


The Administration Department of any business or organization may not be highly visible or glamourous- but at the City of Eden Prairie it is the glue that holds everything together and keeps us moving forward.