Mission Accomplished for 20-40-15

20-10-15 InitiativeBack in late 2006, the City of Eden Prairie kicked off what is known as the 20-40-15 initiative, which called for our City to improve energy efficiency in all of its facilities by 20 percent, increase the fuel efficiency of our vehicle fleet by 40 percent, and accomplish these goals by the end of the year 2015.

Now it is 2016, and it’s time to evaluate how we did. I am here to report ….. (insert drum roll) ….. that we made it! We achieved both of our goals in the 10-year time frame.

  1. Facilities — The goal was to improve the energy efficiency in all of our facilities by 20 percent and we were able to achieve a 21.8-percent increase in efficiency by year-end 2015. This is equivalent to $267,500 in annual energy savings.
  2. Vehicle Fleet — The goal was to increase the fuel efficiency of our entire citywide vehicle fleet by 40 percent by the end of 2015 and we were able to increase fuel efficiency by 44.4 percent. In achieving this goal, we were able to increase the miles per gallon in our entire City fleet from 7.93 to 11.45. If you multiplied the gallons of fuel saved and applied that to a $2.50 per gallon fuel cost, the savings over the 10 years would be $761,145.

The City Council celebrated this 20-40-15 achievement at their Feb. 16 meeting. The presentation below, given by the two people most responsible for this accomplishment Fleet Services Manager Paul Schleuter and Facilities Manager Paul Sticha provides more detail on the specific projects and initiatives that made 20-40-15 a success.


  1. Ann Higgins
    Posted March 3, 2016 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    Congrats! It takes careful research, planning, and implementation to accomplish these energy savings and measures to protect precious resources. Thank you for all that and more.

  2. Posted March 3, 2016 at 11:58 pm | Permalink

    Congratulations on meeting your 20-40-15 goal. I’m a Eden Prairie resident and Chevy Volt owner. Last year I drove 17K miles and my average MPG for the year was 175 MPG. I’m a member of the MN Plug-in Vehicle Owners’ Circle. Stop by the Electric Room at the Twin City Auto show and learn more about electric cars. Thanks