Almost Time to Fill

Eden Prairie Town Center Water TowerThe Town Center water tower repainting project is nearing its completion as the final inspections of the coating system are occurring very soon.


There are a few items to be completed before the project is finalized and the tower can be filled with water. We need to refurbish the clocks on the four sides of the column, complete some concrete repair to the surrounding sidewalk, reinstall the decorative fence and complete cleanup of the work area.


The early feedback we have received on the water tower’s new look is very positive. Here is a comment I received from a resident regarding this project last week:


“I really like the new paint job and graphics on the Eden Prairie water tower. It has a very clean look and the lettering font is easy to read. I also like the marsh theme below the lettering.”


As I mentioned earlier, an item left to be completed are the clocks. The blue clocks that we came to know so well are being repainted black in color, and will feature nighttime illuminated hands and dials which can be displayed in various colors. This is a feature you may have seen on other new structures in the area such as the I-35W bridge. The illumination will be provided by a digital, computer-controlled LED lighting system requiring very little electricity to operate.


The clock is expected to be installed and operational by mid-November.

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  1. Ann Higgins
    Posted October 3, 2016 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    The new design on the water tower is stunning and so gracefully displayed. It iconic in many respects. The EP Historical Society should be engaged in providing some type of recording of the change-over. We will clearly recall this as an historic moment for EP in the 21st century.