The Mailbag

The City Council and city staff regularly receive feedback on any number of issues. We welcome all comments- positive, negative or anything in between.

Here is a sampling of recent comments (without names and addresses) on a variety of topics:

  • I would just like to thank the city leaders, city utility and public works personnel for the street lamp upgrades in my area of the city. I was laid up for a while medically and hadn’t been out at night in some time.  I was really impressed with the new street lamps.  Much brighter and better coverage.
  • Hi Rick – just wanted to thank you (and all of your staff) for the recent updates to the street lighting. Brighter bulbs make for much more visibility when it comes to both walking (which I do twice daily, typically early morning and late evening, when it is dark) and for driving. A great improvement!
  • I have been a resident of Eden Prairie for over 30 years – having attended Eden Prairie schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and have been a homeowner with my own family in EP for the past several years. I am proud to live in Eden Prairie because of the great schools and the abundant access to parks and beautiful trails. I am writing today, however, to kindly request that the city consider offering city-wide organics recycling and/or compost disposal. Many large cities and suburban areas have started offering these services, and I would love to see Eden Prairie follow suit.  We are a city of well-informed, educated, and civic-minded residents, and I believe that many other families in Eden Prairie would also like to see this service offered.  Eden Prairie has always been a family-friendly city, and I strongly believe that we must take the necessary steps now to preserve our city’s environment and landscape for our young residents and future families.
  • Just look at all the cities that offer a farmers market. Why does Eden Prairie not offer one?
  • Century Link has promised to roll-out fiber allowing for 1-Gig speeds throughout the Twin Cities. My sister lives in Medicine Lake and has had that available for over a year now.  Is there anything the city can do to speed up installation within Eden Prairie?  We live in Western EP (west of Dell and north of Hwy 5) and our internet options stink.
  • Life On the Prairie- Congratulations on a very easy to read, at a glance-overview publication. I loved it. I am especially impressed with the EP see click fix mobile app. Amazing what technology can support!
  • I want to THANK YOU for keeping porta potties in some of the Eden Prairie parks throughout most of the winter. It is nice for runners, walkers and bikers who need to use them year round!!

Over the next few weeks, I plan to cover a few of these topics in my blog posts – so watch for more information, coming soon!

One Comment

  1. Kenneth Harden
    Posted April 7, 2017 at 6:12 pm | Permalink

    I would like to echo two comments.
    –I would love to see if the city could do anything to add more or better internet options to the city. Even if not directly, helping indirectly by making it easier for current or new providers to add/upgrade there service.
    –Agree on the potra-potties being available throughout the winter, it is great for those of us who are not scared of the cold and ice!