Top 10 List for Backyard Chickens in EP

Last Thursday, July 20 was the first official day Eden Prairie residents could apply to have backyard chickens on their property. The City Council passed a second reading of an ordinance allowing backyard chickens in Eden Prairie July 11 that became effective last Thursday. The eventual adoption of an ordinance allowing backyard chickens followed more than two years of discussion, analysis and community feedback.

I am now providing a top 10 list of Eden Prairie backyard chicken facts for those interested in having backyard chickens or for those who just want to be informed about this new program.

Here they are:

  1. You must submit an application and have the City inspect your property prior to obtaining chickens. There is a one-time fee of $75 for this application/registration [PDF]
  2. Roosters are not permitted
  3. Properties may have up to four (4) chickens
  4. Chicken-keeping structures are only permitted in the back yard (no structures in front or side yards)
  5. Structures must be setback a minimum of 10 feet from any property line and 50 feet from any neighboring home
  6. Coops must have a solid roof and their construction must be done in a workmanlike manner utilizing durable materials that offer adequate insulation, ventilation and protection from all natural weather elements, predators, rodents and other pests; a building permit from the City of Eden Prairie is required for any structure over 200 square feet
  7. Structures shall be maintained in a reasonably clean and sanitary condition
  8. Noise and odor associated with chickens are not permitted outside of the boundaries of the premises
  9. Chickens may not be slaughtered on the premises
  10. First-time chicken keepers are strongly encouraged to educate themselves before undertaking the hobby; websites that may be helpful in reaching a decision include and