Utility Rates

Here’s a trivia challenge question for you: How many gallons of water are used in Eden Prairie on an average day? The answer: More than 8-million gallons!

We know this because the City of Eden Prairie operates the water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems for the community. The major water components include pumping well water to the Water Treatment Plant, treating that water and monitoring water quality to meet safe drinking-water standards.

But that’s not all, the City also maintains: 15 groundwater wells, 4,224 fire hydrants, 269 miles of water mains, 244 miles of sanitary sewer, 172 miles of storm sewer and 93 storm water sediment tanks.

And all of these services are funded entirely by user fees – not by tax dollars.

So in an effort to ensure funds are available for future maintenance needs, the City conducted an in-depth utility rate study aimed at providing a snapshot of our future maintenance needs and steps we need to take to fund them.

As a result of this study, the City of Eden Prairie enacted a new utility rate structure in 2011. This new structure not only allowed for maintaining the infrastructure system as it ages, but also encourages water conservation – because the rates are based on annual water usage.    

Another benefit of this new utility rate structure is that it will allow for minor adjustments over time, as they are needed to cover capital costs and provide for adequate reserves for the system.

What does this mean for the average Eden Prairie resident in 2012?

Well, more than 75 percent of all residential customers fall in the 0-36,000 gallons range of water used per quarter. So that means the average Eden Prairie resident will see an increase of 7 percent, or $3.43 per month, on their water bill.

And while we know that rate increases aren’t necessarily “good news” for our residents, we also know that it is necessary to ensure funding for the maintenance of essential infrastructure, and we see this adjustment as the best possible way to do so.