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Municipal Liquor Profits: Giving Back to the Community

When you walk through the doors at any one of the City’s three municipal liquor stores, you pass by a message that says, “Giving Back to the Community” – it’s an important message, and one that I’d like to elaborate on a little. Municipal liquor stores have been in operation since the United States government […]

2015 State of the City

The State of the City address has been an annual ritual sponsored by the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce that typically occurs soon after the first of the new year.     For several years now, the Chamber President, the School District Superintendent and the City Manager have teamed up to present a joint State of the City address at the monthly […]

Meet and Greet #312

One of my favorite duties as the Eden Prairie City Manager is to take part in the regular business meet and greet visits with our Mayor and Economic Development Manager.  It is a great opportunity for us to interact with the local business community.  The main reason the program began back in 2002 was for the City to […]

Last Call for the New Pedestrian and Bike Plan

A goal of the City since 2012 has been to create a new citywide master pedestrian and bicycle plan. Since receiving a grant from Hennepin County in 2013, we have spent much of this year developing this citywide plan to create safer, more navigable roadways, sidewalks and paths throughout the City. During 2014, the project advisory team analyzed […]

Reflections on Early Eden Prairie

A few weeks ago I attended a special Tuesday morning event at City Center called “Reflections on Early Eden Prairie.” The initial genesis of the event came out of the recent retirement of one of our community icons — Roy Terwilliger. Roy has been an active participant in the Eden Prairie community as a business leader and mentor, state […]