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Technology Superhero

A robust, reliable and secure information technology system is a key ingredient to the success of any organization. The City of Eden Prairie is no different. Our superb Information Technology Division is managed by our IT Manager Aditi Salunke. Aditi is currently being featured by the League of Minnesota Cities in a Cities Matter program that features […]


A very important service that our City government provides is administering elections. Our City Clerk, Kitty Porta, is the point person and the leader of all-things elections in Eden Prairie. She does an excellent job of overseeing all facets of the election process including: election judge staffing and training; managing election equipment; providing for polling […]

What’s Next for South West Light Rail

There was quite a bit of activity related to the South West Light Rail Transit project this year. Earlier this summer, the Southwest Project Office (SPO) of the Metropolitan Council completed the preliminary engineering phase of the project. This then culminated with the cities of Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Hopkins, St. Louis Park, Minneapolis and Hennepin County passing resolutions […]

I Love Flashing Yellow Arrows

In my opinion one of the great inventions of the 21st century is the flashing yellow arrow left turn signal.    We have all had to sit at an intersection waiting to take a left turn with a red arrow.  The oncoming traffic has a green light but very little traffic is passing by.  I […]

Planes,Trains & Automobiles (& Bikes and Buses)

There has been a lot of discussion lately about all the varied forms of transportation in Eden Prairie. Our City Council meeting this Tuesday really hit home with me how we are currently immersed with all these important modes of transportation. I will quickly walk through each mode: Planes Within the past year we have had three plane crashes or incidents at […]