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2018 EPy Awards

Every year I have the honor of hosting our spring and fall employee recognition events. Our spring event took place this week where we presented our annual employee awards — appropriately called the “EPys.” Following a welcome introduction, we honored our fellow employees for reaching milestones in their years of service. We then recognized our EPy Award winners. The […]

Presenting the Inaugural Sustainable Eden Prairie Awards

Sustainability can be defined broadly as development that meets current needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. As a city, this requires considering the social, economic and environmental impacts of what we do, and implementing sustainable practices to protect the environment and natural resources our community enjoys. We want future […]

Eden Prairie Liquor is Giving Back to the Community

You have probably heard about the ways in which profits generated at Eden Prairie Liquor benefit our community – providing funding for improvements to our parks and streets, and more. But have you heard about the ways in which Eden Prairie Liquor is partnering with our local PROP food shelf to help feed hungry families […]

Top 10 List for Backyard Chickens in EP

Last Thursday, July 20 was the first official day Eden Prairie residents could apply to have backyard chickens on their property. The City Council passed a second reading of an ordinance allowing backyard chickens in Eden Prairie July 11 that became effective last Thursday. The eventual adoption of an ordinance allowing backyard chickens followed more than […]

Sunday Liquor Sales Have Begun

I have previously written about our city liquor operations and the possibility of Sunday sales. That possibility is now here, as the first Sunday liquor sale in Minnesota in over 150 years occurred this past Sunday, July 2. All three of our city stores were open at 11 am.  This video captures the first few sales of […]