City office space at Eden Prairie Center

During the past twelve months or so, City staff have been working with the managers at the Eden Prairie Center on a proposal that would provide the City with some municipal office space at the Center. The City was granted some preferential access to office space when the City provided TIF funding for the renovation of the Center four years ago. The photo above is of the construction project that renovates the City’s new office space. That’s our new Facilities Manager, Mr. Paul Sticha. Paul is the project manager for this project.

The City’s new office space is on the very bottom level of the Center. General Growth likes to call it the “Boutique Level”. It’s too nice to call the “basement”, so I won’t. It’s good space in a great shopping center. The City’s new office space, especially when proposed usage is taken into consideration, is in a very good spot.

The City will be moving its Housing & Human Services division out to this space. There are three fulltime employees in that functional area for the City. They will operate from this new office space. The space will also accommodate new office space for our Police Department, which has a regular service function at the Center.

The City’s agreement with General Growth (owner of the EP Center) allows the City to occupy this space for under $10,000 per year. The City is financing the renovation of the space with a $75,000 tenant improvement allotment from General Growth and some previously allocated funds from the City’s annual Community Development Block Grant program.

The new office space also includes meeting space for public space. We are looking forward to the opening of the new space. We hope the public will enjoy the new space as well.

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