Friday Report on Monday

I know it’s Monday, but here’s my Friday Report from last Friday. Enjoy!


Friday Report: August 14, 2009

1. Cummins-Grill Crash Site Update – The NTSB has completed the removal of the plane wreckage from the Cummins-Grill property. The area will now be considered a hazardous materials site until the aviation fuel spilled in the crash is removed. Public access to the site will remain restricted until the site has been cleaned-up.

2. Employee News – There is a new bench outside the employee entrance to the Police Department honoring former Police Officer Jeff Berg. Jeff was a long time member of the Police Department until his death in May 2008. There was a nice dedication event for the bench this past Wednesday.

3. BAC Meeting – The BAC met Wednesday night this week to continue their deliberations on the proposed 2010-2011 City Budget. The BAC is working with Sue Kotchevar to produce a summary memo that reflects the collective position of the commission. They will share their recommendations with the Council at the Joint Workshop on August 18.

4. Hennepin South Services Collaborative – HSSC is sponsoring a Brown Bag Lunch event for the community to share information it has developed on Eden Prairie’s demographic trends. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, August 25, at the Eden Prairie Library from Noon-1 pm. The event is free to attend. Beverages will be provided.

5. City Center Roof – The City Center new roof project has been completed.

6. Liquor Store Discussion Follow-Up – Sue Kotchevar and I hope that we have followed-up with all Council Member questions and requests for information about the proposed liquor store 3 relocation. If not, please let me know. Our retail consultant, Mr. Jim McComb, will attend the August 18 Council meeting to assist in the discussion of this proposal. If there are any other questions that Council Members would like staff to be prepared to answer or discuss at the August 18 Council meeting, please let me know.

7. 2009 City Council Meeting Schedule – The State Legislature has relaxed the provision in State Statutes requiring cities to have Truth-In-Taxation hearings for their 2010 budget proposals. However, we will still be required to have a public hearing on the proposed budget. The difference from our standard procedure then is that we can have a public hearing on our regular Council meeting schedule instead of scheduling a special Council meeting around a state-mandated Monday night in December. Earlier this year the Council set our Council schedule to include a special meeting on the anticipated TNT hearing night of November 30 (Monday). If the Council prefers, we can shift our meeting back that week to our regular meeting night, Tuesday, and meet on December 1. We will need an action of the Council to approve this meeting date change.

8. Fall Program Guide – The City’s Park & Rec Fall Program Guide is out. It’s available both in print and online. Registration for fall programs begins on August 18.

9. Joint Airport Zoning Board Meeting – The Joint Airport Zoning Board (JAZB) met this week. Rick King is the chair of the JAZB. I enclosed the meeting agenda and attachments in this week’s FYI Packet. The next meeting of the JAZB will be October 15.

10. Meeting with SEH – Chief Esbensen, Gene Dietz, Ric Rosow and I will be meeting with representatives from SEH this week to discuss our plan to resolve the final issues with Fire Station #4.

11. Readjusting EECBG Components – Earlier this year the Council approved submission of a package of energy efficiency projects to the federal government’s Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant program. The City has been allotted $627,000 in this program. As our consultants have been working on the application for this program, they are uncovering new information that will change the exact components of the application. The concept of the improvements is unchanged. We are targeting these grant dollars towards improvements that were included on previous or proposed CIP’s for existing buildings that produce costs savings both now and in the future. Before the modified application is submitted to the federal government for final approval, I will review it with the Council.

12. LRT Public Hearing – The Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority is hosting an important public hearing this week at the City Center building. The hearing is on Wednesday, August 19, from 6:30-8:00 pm.

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