Animal Management

raccoon.jpgThere is an interesting article in today’s Chicago Sun-Times about the impact Chicago’s foreclosed, and presumably vacant, homesĀ are having on the urban raccoon population. Sounds nasty. It’s an interesting article because, in my view, it covers several aspects of the story. Yes, a raccoon in your house could be frightening. I get that. But the article also talks about the fact that killing or relocating every raccoon in a city is not a feasible policy either.

Somehow, we need to figure out a middle ground with urban wildlife. We manage many different animal issues here in Eden Prairie: deer, turtles, canada goose, mosquitoes, bees, carp, snakes, coyotes, various kinds of feral dogs & cats and roadkill, which I realize is not a species of animal, but consumes a fair amount of our time.

It’s a real challengeĀ to balance the quality of life for the human residents of Eden Prairie with the wildlife that want to live here too. In the end, the human needs will almost always prevail – and they should. But if we can allow our human needs to prevail and minimize the pain for our local wildlife, then we will have struck the right chord.

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