Singletree Lane

singletree 004.jpgThe Singletree Lane Project started today. The road was closed this morning from Flying Cloud Drive to Glen Lane. The project will add width to the road so that we can add a turning lane. The design also features sidewalks, trees, decorative poles & banners and a new decorative sign identifying the area as our Town Center.

Access to the area will be compromised during construction. You’ll still be able to get to Bobby & Steve’s but the eastern most driveway access from Singletree into their station will be permanently closed as part of this project. We’ve been talking to Bobby & Steve’s about a major renovation of their store this summer. I don’t think they’ve made their final decision to go ahead yet, but they’ve got all the approvals they need from the City to proceed with the construction of a flashy new gas station right where their current store is. If they’re going to do it, this would be the summer to do it, with the road project going on anyway.The Singletree Lane Project will be under construction most of the summer. We are hoping to see the project mostly complete by the first week of August.

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